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On the 14th October 2012  I watched with amazement Felix Baumgartner perform the Red Bull sky dive from the stratosphere at an elevation of 39 kilometers / 24 miles over Roswell New Mexico USA. The highest freefall ever attempted. Taking two & a half hours to reach this height the thought in the back of my mind as he lept was 'where is he going to land'. The decent took 9 minutes landing him 59 km /36 miles from his launch site with the capsule landing a further 88km / 54 miles away.

I began to question imediatley what I had just seen. My thoughts were that there was something wrong, this does not add up.

Red Bull Sky Dive
He should have landed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, my first guess was maybe 1500km /900miles to the west. To my reasoning what I had witnessed was suggesting that the Earth is not spinning. But that couldn't be true. So I set out imediatley to confirm the Earth's spin & find the cause of my confusion.

I found the lattitude of Roswell New Mexico is 33 degrees Nth. & with some quick research the spin of the Earth at that location is aprox 1200km / 745 miles hr - 20km /12 miles per minute. His ascent took 150 minutes so 3000km / 1864 miles should have passed beneath landing him 3000km / 1864 miles to the west, like I thought somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. But this didn't solve the problem for me... It just confirmed what I thought should have happened but didn't happen. I then thought 'flight mapper, that will sort it out'. I live in Australia & I knew that there is an Island approx 600km / 372 miles of the east coast at almost the same lattitude as Roswell but south & with a direct fight from an airport that is due west. An amazing coincidence.

Lord Howe Island 31.5 degrees Sth. Spin at that location aprox 1200km / 745 miles hr.

Flight: Qantas QF2252 PQQ-LDH. Port Macquarie to Lord Howe Is.

Aircraft: De Havilland DHC-8. Average Speed 490kmh / 304mph. Flight time 1hr 35mins.

Return Flight: Qantas QF2252 LDH-PQQ. Lord Howe Is. to Port Maquarie.

Aircraft: De Havilland DHC-8. Average Speed 490kmh / 304mph. Flight time 1hr 35mins.

I tried to reason away the reality of what I had just discovered but the notion that our atmosphere was rotating as a container dragging everything in flight along with it in sinc with the Earth's spin was just as ridiculous as the idea of a non spinning Earth. It was then that a cascade of questions & answers came into mind. Then a peacful, contentment, a knowing YES. The world is just how it appears to be, that there is truth in what we see. That God does not lie & has not mislead us through our senses. That our senses are correct. The Earth is not moving. From there it was easy with a little inquiry to see through all the deceptions that we have been taught about our home. The voice of the Lord is in this... 'my sheep hear my voice', Jesus. As I think of Felix Baumgatner jumping off that capsule I am reminded of another famous quote that I believe now belongs to Felix more than any other man... That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

When  Hubble released the eXtreme Deep Field image in 2004 saying it contained over 10,000 galaxies I remember that it made me feel sick inside & I didn't know why. At that time I had never thought of NASA as a deception but I did start to dought them after that image & now I know why. I have been a student of the Bible for over 40 years. Whenever I read passages that refered to things like the pillars of the Earth, the four corners of the Earth, the firmament, the windows & doors of heaven & so on. I thought that was how it must be in the spiritual realm as viewed from Heaven & what we experience is something different. I know now that what the Bible describes is the way it really is. The Earth is not moving, the sun, moon & stars revolve around the Earth, there is no universe. We all can see it if we let go of the lies we have been brainwashed with since childhood. The exact layout of our world may never be known, it's a bit like trying to read the label from inside the bottle. But like the apostle Paul said.. "Let God be true & everyman a liar".

G P Gardner

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